Original flywheel and waterpump?

I once got drawings of original 289" flywheel (2/3 -plate clutch) from some kind person here. However, seems I lost drawings some time ago due broken PC.
Search function didn`t give any real results.
Ideas where to get; time to make one very soon :embarassed:

Waterpump; which type pump was used originally? (same engine - pre -66 Historic class F 289").
Short / long? Reverse flow or std?

Thank You :)

I have the clutch/flywheel one but it wont upload, PM your email & I will send it if nobody else can post it here.
Timing cover should probably be the early 221/260/289 one with provision for oil filler tube and pump without steel sandwich plate.

* Further to that the timing cover might not have provision for the oil filler tube-check casting date on t/cover body, should be C5-- or earlier, pump body is alloy with a couple of flow guides that extend into timing cover and has cast impellor with curved vanes ( most recon'd pumps on the market have later stamped steel impellor ).*
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