Original Chassis Drawings

I've a set of 1964 chassis drawings I purchased for my monocoque rebuild. All 250+ drawings denote FAV, some Lola Cars Ltd and are used with 1965 working amendments and transcriptions expressed on them. They are the real deal, reprinted in Imperial sizes in roughly A2/A3SS format and show individual parts and assemblies, marked "not to scale", but with Imperial dimensions expressed. As the originals are 45 years old, the prints range from excellent to good, with a handful "usable" but not perfect. I'm now trying to recoupe some of the money I've spent on my original rebuild project and am willing to discuss a fair price for my set of drawings. If you're interested in buying them, then please e-mail [email protected] but not through GT40s as I don't get the chance to get on the forum as much as I'd like these days. First come first served I'm afraid.


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Is this collection a copy of the same set that was for sale on this forum last year ?


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I can tell you that I bought a set for £500 and so did many others.
And why not make money ? that is pretty clear what AK is trying to do.