1. V

    RCR 917 drivetrain possibilities

    Hi all, New to the forum since I just put the deposit down for a RCR 917. Plan is for me to supply Fran with drivetrain and he will put it in for me to make it a turn key. The question now is what are the drivetrain that would fit in a 917. Been talking to Fran and he suggests using either 3.2...
  2. J

    GT40 ZF-transaxle

    Wanted for GT40 mk1 289" -65 race car: ZF 5DS25-2 and other drivetrain parts. Contact with full technical details: - jyrki . sulka ( a t ) gmail . com - PM - + 358 4oo 633 5oo Can collect from UK mainland and Europe
  3. E

    My drivetrain choice...

    Hello all. Great forum here. I've been a member for a few years now and saving my pennies for an SLC. I have finally decided that this is the year to order my kit. I knew when I first saw the SLC, it was the one I had to have. What I have gone back and forth on, however, is my choice of...
  4. Mark IV

    SPF Drivetrain Install

    Once upon a time there was an online "wiki" with much of the information. Sadly the person who hosted it has let it go. If we can recover the documentation I will host it in the future. You are welcome to call Time Machines and we will help however we can. And perhaps ypu will need some of...