SPF Drivetrain Install

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Once upon a time there was an online "wiki" with much of the information. Sadly the person who hosted it has let it go. If we can recover the documentation I will host it in the future.

You are welcome to call Time Machines and we will help however we can. And perhaps ypu will need some of our upgrade parts..... Also perhaps you can purchase some items from Dennis at Olthoff Racing and help keep him going, he is the number one source of info for GT40s! Dennis can supply the Quicktime bellhousing and other items that you might otherwise buy from a speedshop.
Ah, just bolt it all together and take it for a drive.....what falls off isn't needed. Livin' the dream.

Kidding aside, you've got a pretty good challenge there, particularly with not having gone through a drive train removal previously on the same car. After having had the drive train in and out of my CAV (for transaxle swaps) a few times I could do it in my sleep. But the first installation, done by the prior owner's mechanic, was poorly done - misaligned mounts, missing bolts on the transaxle plate, shifter linkage bad, fuel lines seeping, etc. Might be worth taking her to one of the experts for the first installation....just a thought

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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I watched Tim's development over the last year, he is dedicated and in the right direction. Tim call me anytime


I hope you can provide some assistance to Tim with his project and sincerely thank you for the offer to do so.

And, YES, I DO HAVE A COMMERCIAL INTEREST, however I will still supply any help I can, at no cost even though Tim did not purchase from me. In fact I know Dennis Olthoff spends HOURS on the phone with people who have not spent a dime with him. Perhaps I am off base suggesting that people purchase some parts from him to keep him in business and allow him to provide tech help to Superformance owners.

I may have read your comment in the wrong light and if so, I apologize. But there are a few dealers/suppliers who carry the bulk of the tech help/parts supply/issue resolution for any of the brands we all love. Yes, you might pay a couple dollars more than from Summit or Jegs, or whoever. But call up Jegs and ask what size brake master you need for your mid series SPF GT chassis and see what happens or what brake calipers for a CAV. Perhaps the sound of silence? Support the people who live and breathe these cars.......or they may not be there when you need them.

Rant over, we return you to your regularly scheduled forum.
Thanks to all of you for adding perspective. That's why I love this forum so much. It's very responsive to questions.

Rick - I actually did purchase my bellhousing, clutch, throwout, etc., from Olthoff. They supplied the kit I purchased at the same time as the Quaife through Hillbank. And I'm sure I'll need some parts from you eventually. You are a valued resource here and I've read many a post.

On the wiki - do you remember the address? There is such thing as an Internet Wayback Machine and it might enable us to recover some of it, even if it is no longer hosted.

Cliff - I'm completely comfortable doing it myself, even at the risk of doing it very slowly and potentially repeating some steps two or three times. That's how we learn. If I've done it with my old Mustang, some of that will transfer. Love the line about things falling off!

Peter - Thank you for the offer! Is there a particular time that is good for you to discuss?

In the meantime, Cardboard Stig will keep an eye on the Roush and Quaife


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Rick, I've never met you but would love to. Like Dennis, the two of you obviously are in the business to make money but you also show undying passion for the GT 40 and to anyone owning this type of car. Kudo's to you sir and if you're ever in central Florida let me know as I'd enjoy meeting you and the beers will be on me.

Tim, sorry for the thread drift but Rick's offer to help you didn't go unnoticed. This forum is full of people offering every bit of knowledge they have to assist those around them. I find that very kool!
Rick is a standup person. I have known him for several years and while being a character :lol:, his character is solid. He goes out of his way to do the right thing. You could do much worse than working with him. I have met Dennis only once, his reputation is well deserved.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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I will contact the originator of the Wiki and see if we can recover the content. If so, I will sponsor/host the site.

If we can do so, I will set it up that all may view the site, but postings will be submitted for review before they go live to prevent anyone from modifying or deleting content with malicious intent.

I know a couple of people who have huge GT40 experience that will offer some content.

Let's se what we can do.