1. Joystick


    For your information. Many of you on this forum might already know this but I didn`t. If you change your ECU to an aftermarket or buy an engine and ECU that doesn`t "belong" together there is a chance that they are not synchronized together. The same goes for if you for some reason change the...
  2. Dan carter

    ABS VSS Reluctor Rings and ECU

    Much confused. After a lot of reading about the GM ECU, seems it does use speed info to help control the idle speed and throttle positioning (so says GM). Anyway, I'm currently using the Dakota Digital to send the ECU a speed signal (it works, however mechanical is recommended). There is a...
  3. PeteB

    Source for custom wiring harness?

    Well, I talked to my tuner today and the problem I'm having with my throttle is most likely a bad wiring harness. So I'm thinking instead of ripping out the entire GM engine harness, maybe I could just replace the wires from the ECU to the pedal and to the throttle body. Anyone know a good...
  4. D

    Engine problems

    Hi Guys, I am building a GT40 using the Modular Mustang engine 4.6 liter with a single overhead cam. I am using an Emerald M3D K6 ECU, I have it connected and put in the various configurations including the Throttle pot. Now the Red light is staying on at the ECU, instead of going to green...
  5. wolodymyr

    Can I connect Icknield Rev Counter to ecu?

    I have an Icknield rev counter which was connected to the old distributor contact breaker. Will it now work with my Emerald K6 ecu which gives a 0-12v pulsed output? Just in case the answer is no you will kill the rev counter. :stunned: Dave
  6. wolodymyr

    AFR gauge recommendation?

    I looked for wideband AFR gauges, which seemed a little overpriced for what I thought was essentially a 0-5V gauge. (I already have a Bosch WB sensor and controller feeding 0-5v to an Emerald K6 ecu). So, I tried my multimeter, but impedance is too low and drags down the signal to the ecu. Any...
  7. Dave Hood

    Fast ez-efi 2.0

    In a few weeks I'm planning to upgrade my ECU on my Eight Stack fuel injection to the most recent version of the FAST self-tuning system. Is anyone using the new FAST ECU? Any feedback?
  8. C

    ECU Recommendations

    Hello folks, What in opinion is the best ecu for the LS series engines that will also maybe run the SBF engines as well? Is it better to take the car and have someone install the ecu for a cleaner look or it one of those installs with a little patience can be accomplished without many issues...