Fast ez-efi 2.0

Dave Hood

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In a few weeks I'm planning to upgrade my ECU on my Eight Stack fuel injection to the most recent version of the FAST self-tuning system. Is anyone using the new FAST ECU? Any feedback?
This topic has been beat up lately.... What is your vacuum at idle? It's recommended that you have at least 10" for the self-learning systems to work. Also, how well sealed is your exhaust system? The O2 sensor needs to read accurately.

My opinion....stay away from the self-learning systems (EZ-EFI 1.0, 2.0) unless you know what you're doing. If going with FAST, I recommend XFI Sportsman or XFI 2.0 Engine Management System. Holley makes a good system, too. Both of the higher end FAST systems will "Learn" but you can shut it off or just learn or exclude learning at certain rpms/regimes.

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