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    Different engines

    I’m just interested to know what (if any) different engines people have put in their cars. I guesss the Ford family must be in the vast majority of cars, but has anyone gone for a completely unusual choice? BMW, LEXUS etc? Just interested. Simon
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    A visit with legends

    My wife had a conference to attend in Chicago so we decided to pack up the kids and make a little detour to Dearborn. If you have never experienced the Henry Ford Museum it is well worth a visit. The artifacts run the gamut from steam engines to the chair president Lincoln was seated in when he...
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    48 Volt Systems Coming: What Do We Need to Do?

    The engines we install in our Superlight cars are more and more coming equipped with 48 volt electrical systems. When we install an engine with a 48 volt electrical system into our Superlight cars, what will we need to change? What changes will be beyond the owner/builders, and need to be from...
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    Devon Racing Engines Chris Smith

    Hi All, Does anyone have experience of Devon Racing Engines and or Chris Smith engine builders? I think but am not sure he used to supply engines to MDA GT40 and Mark Sibley. Many thanks Tom
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    Iso Grifo engine

    were these ever 351 cleveland engines? simon
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    Cummins v8 300m engines - injectors needed

    Hello Gents. Wondering if anyone knows a good diesel injector rebuilder. I have a set of injectors from a Cummins v8 300m engine which need rebuilding. At a shop currently but it does not look like he can do the job. Engines easily from the 1970's, maybe older. Know the engines were used in...
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    ECU Recommendations

    Hello folks, What in opinion is the best ecu for the LS series engines that will also maybe run the SBF engines as well? Is it better to take the car and have someone install the ecu for a cleaner look or it one of those installs with a little patience can be accomplished without many issues...
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    How to build a Superlite that's actually super-light

    OK, sure, 2500 pounds is pretty light for a production street car, but it's pretty heavy for a race car. I'm wondering how light one could build an SL-C? Horse-power can't make up for weight. I think Colin Chapman had the right idea back in the 60's with the Lotus 23--1,000 pounds and 150...
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    SLC durability?

    Hello one and all! this is my first post and i did a search but didn't find anything from skimming posts, so my apologies if it is redundant. I am no where close to starting my SLC journey but I am in love with the car. 1) How durable is the vehicle inside and out especially with the exterior...