Different engines

I’m just interested to know what (if any) different engines people have put in their cars. I guesss the Ford family must be in the vast majority of cars, but has anyone gone for a completely unusual choice? BMW, LEXUS etc?
Just interested.


Ian Anderson

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I have seen
Ford pushrod V8
Ford OHC engine V8
Ford 4 Cylinder Cosworth Turbo
Rover V8
I have a Morgan which is a Rover derivative
Heard of. TVR again a Rover block derivative but some of these had flat plane cranks
Mercedes, came to 2004 LMC from Germany
VW air cooled

That should start the list


Larry L.

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...I thought I recalled someone installing a 426 Hemi in one once....

:stunned: How the devil would the mill itself fit in the engine bay - never mind the bundle of snakes?! 'Same question regarding the dual quad 427 SOHC Ford that MHA mentioned (or a DOHC for that matter)! One would think either installation would require a shoehorn and mechanic both blessed with supernatural powers!

Someone did figure out a way to install a 427 F.E. in a CAV MKI a while back as I recall. ('Saw its "for sale" ad somewhere.) How the devil that was done is still a mystery to me. 'Probably had a dry sump system and 'lowered' motor mounts at the very least....or the CAV MKI's chassis is/was designed to be more 'generous' room-wise in the 1st place. 'Darned if I know.

I'll see if I can find it...

(Edit) 'Found it:

133368 1966 Ford GT40 | RK Motors Classic and Performance Cars for Sale
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I hope that "Hemi" was not an original iron-block street hemi engine- those things weighed 765 lbs. I remember McKee building a 426 Hemi-engined Can-Am car. That 426 "only" weighed 613 pounds with the help of some magnesium components.

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ

Ian Anderson

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There has also been an electric one from Australia

And I believe Bill in USA is looking to do a similar conversion on his.

Most power I have see was a Cleavor powered SGT car, I believe 850 was mentioned and that really filled the engine bay with its two inch snakes!

In response to some of the questions, the exhaust is a custom stainless steel design that is ceramic coated due to heat issues. The firewall backwards needed to be reinforced with a billet upper cross member, lower trans support, reinforced shock towers, electric air conditioning, and several electrical/mechanical modifications and improvements over the stock roller. It took a long time and was a very difficult build. Not for the faint of heart or anyone hoping to build something like this on a budget.
I forgot to mention that it is an aluminum Shelby block with original cast iron heads. The internals are primarily billet and the engine was designed and built by Ernie Elliott.
Hi, I am using the Ford Mustang Modular engine. 4.6, it's a bit big but Mick at Southern GT made me a chassis round the engine. Certainly fill the rear of the car.
For Neil in Tuscon, most folks don't go for a Donovan block unless they need to...given the normally excessive power of a D-block and what appears to be at least as tight an engine area as a -40, what exhaust and trans did you opt to use, please?
:stunned: (or a DOHC for that matter)! One would think either installation would require a shoehorn and mechanic both blessed with supernatural powers!
I don't know about supernatural powers, but it was a pain getting my Ford 5.0 modular into the car. Custom mounts, lowering the engine, tipping it down ever so slightly, low profile pan, etc.

Never recommend going through all of that to anyone, but it can be done as I and others can attest to.