A visit with legends

My wife had a conference to attend in Chicago so we decided to pack up the kids and make a little detour to Dearborn. If you have never experienced the Henry Ford Museum it is well worth a visit. The artifacts run the gamut from steam engines to the chair president Lincoln was seated in when he was assassinated. Then there were these beauties

If you have time also visit Greenfield Village, which is attached to the Henry Ford Museum, but requires a separate ticket.

While some people might collect model cars or dolls, Henry Ford collected buildings. There's the Wright Brother's bicycle shop, Thomas Edison's workshop, and other interesting buildings.
Agreed we actually spent an entire day in the village. To see the actual shop where the Wright flier was built and the actual tools was awesome then you add to that Edisons Menlow park lab and the homes of Robert Frost and Noah Webster it becomes a one stop shop of history.