1. D

    Any interest in Coyote/Boss exhaust?

    Had to rework my header setup due to a clearance issue. I had them welded up at my machinist's and he was wondering if it would be worth it to keep the dimensions of the whole setup so it could be reproduced for others given that the only option I can think of is the one from Tornado, and it's a...
  2. M

    GT40 Exhaust 351W, 1 3/4

    Up for sale is my Superformance Mk2 exhaust system, only test fitted on my SGT40 Mk1, never run. Red primer, mild steel, 1 3/4” dia. Fits 351 Windsor only. Selling due to change of plan. Fabricated in 2014 according to flange date stamp. Tubes can be altered to suit. Located in Botley Road...
  3. S

    Anyone used Zircotec for Exhaust coating?

    Hi all, Im shortly taking delivery of a GTD40 and the exhaust is currently letting the engine bay down a bit. Its a bundle of snakes which at some point was chrome finished but there is not a lot left of the chrome now. At some point I might consider replacing the system with a full...
  4. F

    Bundle of snakes

    SOLD Sold sold sold
  5. J

    FS EU 351W exhaust system , new

    Full bundle of snakes exhaust system for a Ford 351 Windsor. Ceramic silver coated. 1 3/4 inch primaries with twin silencers. As fitted to SPF gt40's. Brand new never used or fitted. Collection in Worcestershire , England. £1350 collected or courier at your cost. Call Jason 07508 442273 (UK)
  6. 7

    New possible source for Bundle of Snakes Exhaust

    I found this company while surfing the 'net. Prices seem reasonable. And they specialize in exhaust for Windsor-based setups. 180 Degree Headers for Windsor Motors
  7. Kim Haun

    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    The stainless steel bundle of snakes I received with the RCR GT40 project I purchased turned out not to fit the car. Everything is too high and too wide to fit under the fiberglass rear clip. I'm in the re-design stage of re-working the exhaust and am looking for opinions on what clearances...
  8. G

    SPF exhaust

    Has anyone taken the cans off the exhaust and taken the guts out? I'd like to get a bit more unmuffled sound out of the snakes.
  9. Fivepointseven

    Exhaust manifold

    Hi, I am looking for a exhaust system for my GT40 in stainless steel. Does someone has a good source in Europe? Thanks, Udo
  10. bill kearley

    info please

    Exhaust system required, 427w in a MK1 CAV. any info would be great.
  11. J

    Exhaust sealent .

    Hi all does anybody know what the blue sealent that Edd China uses on his exhaust . Is called please Or can any body recommend a good flexible sealent . Thanks John....
  12. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado 351W exhaust system

    We are now able to supply an exhaust system to suit 351 Windsor block engines. The systems are full cross over, jig built and supplied complete with headers, collectors and silencers with all fixings. A ceramic coating option is available in a range of colours. For further details email...
  13. M

    FS USA Corvette LS7 Exhaust manifolds

    In my haste to get parts for my SLC build, I ended up with a second set of LS7 Corvette exhaust manifolds (one pair). Manifolds are in very good condition, but they are missing 4 studs (I have 4, they need 8 for the pair). Just looking to get what I bought them for on CorvetteForum: $100...
  14. C

    Polished Stainless GT-40 Headers (351W)

    Never used, packed and ready to ship. Set of polished stainless steel headers for SBF (sized for 351W), featuring 1 5/8" (~36" long) primaries with a thick 1/2" mounting flange. The conical merge collector measures 10 1/2" in length and 2 1/2" at the outlet. The SS polished mufflers are...