Exhaust manifold


Hi, I am looking for a exhaust system for my GT40 in stainless steel. Does someone has a good source in Europe? Thanks, Udo

Ian Clark

It would be helpful to know the engine family: Small block Windsor, FE, Cleveland or big block. Also Displacement and engine block deck height effect the fit of GT40crossover exhaust systems to the engine.

Plus there are several exhaust port shapes and port heights above the stock Ford location that this has to be known before buying a system to avoid reworking a part you just bought. I know, been there done that for several cars now...

Just a heads up to make the search easier. I know there's systems out there to be had after an engine swap or cylinder head upgrade.

Hallo Udo,

dw-technik in Brauweiler, ich darf leider noch keine Verlinkungen hier einstellen, musst selber suchen. Hast eine PN mit dem Link.

Von diesem Hersteller habe ich während meiner Porschezeit nur gutes gehört.
Musst allerdings mit dem Wagen vor Ort sein, um die Anlage anpassen zu lassen.