Anyone used Zircotec for Exhaust coating?

Hi all,

Im shortly taking delivery of a GTD40 and the exhaust is currently letting the engine bay down a bit.

Its a bundle of snakes which at some point was chrome finished but there is not a lot left of the chrome now. At some point I might consider replacing the system with a full stainless system, but in the meantime Im exploring options to improve the appearance of the existing system.

I came across Zircotec which looks a possible option and aside from the improvement in appearance, also has claimed benefits about heat reduction.

Be interested if anyone has used them on their 40?


You might need to re-mortgage your house to get Zircotec to ceramic coat your exhaust!

Its quite possible the chrome you are seeing peeling off is a ceramic done by Camcoat. A lot of people have had issues with it peeling off.

A much cheaper option I used was to get my exhaust thermal spray coated with Aluminium which can then be coated with Black exhaust paint. Company I used was metalblast in Dorset, Poole I think. The whole job was less than £150 and it lasted very well with no corrosion issues. The beauty of the black exhaust paint is its very easy to touch up when you get stains and marks on it.
Hi Simon,
Zirotec is very good, but very expensive, especially when you work home much linear length of manifold is required to be coated. As Nick stated Camcoats’ Cermakrome is a good alternative and about £450 to get a set of headers & collectors coated. I did have an issue on one pipe which got seriously hot on the dyno, but Camcoat recoated at no additional charge.
As it’s a slurry process, they end up coating the inside of the pipes, which stops the biggest cause of failure on mild steel systems – condensation<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
Thank you guys.

I've spoken to Paul at Camcoat today and this looks like the option to go for so really appreciated the advice.

I'll post some before and after pics when I'm allowed.


I recently had my exhaust headers coated wit "Cerakote" by a local applicator here in Tucson. The cost was $225 which I think is reasonable. It is a high-temperature dull black coating. This is for a 383 CID Donovan in my Manta Mirage.

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ
Simon, the system on your car was originally chrome, but deteriorated over time. As the other guys have stated, Zirtech is very expensive, ceromchrome on new mild steel pipes lasts 4 - 5 years if kept free of damp, but is not so good on previously rusted pipes and will deteriorate much quicker. Consider what other upgrades / modification developments you might do in the future ( like engine lowering on the GTD etc.) then consider a new custom made set of stainless pipes made particularly for your car. It may be a more economical way in the longer term
Finally getting round to posting some photos now I’ve had some time to do some work on the car.

After an ‘interesting’ purchasing experience I’ve now started on the increasingly long list of items to work on with my car. It’s a GTD which has spent a few years being unloved....that’s all changing as of now.

Got the headers and collectors back from Camcoat, detailed the engine, new header gaskets/bolts and pleased with initial progress.

It’s now had new clutch/release bearings, new AC, new alternator, new coil, new windows.

Interia just about to get redone, bodywork detailed and some paint correction, and then it’s off to Geoff Taylor to get some mechanical work.

Loving owning a GT40


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