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    Electric Ferrari

    Someone rescued a fire damaged Ferrari 308 GTS from a junkyard and converted it to battery powered. The car was later sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction for $84,700. What has me horrified is not the conversion of a Ferrari to battery power but guy who bought it at the auction is quoted in the...
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    I think, I finally found a Ferrari I can afford Ferrari 430 Scuderia Destroyed 1 Hour After Purchase .
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    Dream Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

    Hey guys. I’ve made it a habit of trying out exotic car driving experiences over the last few years. Between friends and myself, we’ve done a lot of these things. I recently did some laps with Dream Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I wanted to share my thoughts, especially things that I...
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    You are invited ....

    OK, I know there is a Jaguar bias and many of you live outside the UK, but GT40 forum subscribers are invited to see & hear "The 13" and other classic racecars - including examples of Jaguar's iconic cars as they circulate round Curborough's small and friendly Sprint Circuit in Staffordshire...
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    Looking to buy an MK1

    Hello all, I am looking to buy an MK1 in early 2015. I have been watching the sale section for a month or so now and would love to have had the SPF, the red one with white stripes that just sold to Germany. I am in the bay area of CA and am looking at left hand drive models only. My father...
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    Newby from Paraguay

    Hello everyone! I've been browsing through this wonderful site for about a week now, and finally decided to join in the fun. I must say that I'm not involved in a GT40 project, although I have admired that car for a long time, not only by it's accomplishments in the past, but because of it's...
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    Wooden Ferrari Engine

    Someone in Sydney is selling a lifesized, wooden Ferrari 365 V12 engine on ebay (USD $6,000). If that link expires, try:
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    RCR P4 drive video

    This is a Sunday morning shake down drive of my P4 replica. It sounds great, although with straight open headers, I can't sneak out of my neighborhood. YouTube - RCR P4 replica test drive Jim