1. C


    Hello, I'm actually a Porsche guy, but I've got a few bits that were also on the factory GT40 series. Trying to find a home for them rather than sitting in my office or in garage.
  2. Joystick

    Graz KBA oil

    I’m sure I’ve seen a thread regarding type of oil for the Graziano but I can’t find it. Can anyone help me? Preferably Red Line.
  3. S

    Fan shroud

    Looking to buy a fan shroud for the factory radiator with Maradyne fan upgrades. I may possibly fab one up if I cant find one..
  4. A

    MK I roof vent

    I have a GTD-40 and want to install a roof vent where can I find one? Thanks
  5. Howard Jones

    Electronic Fuel Injection aftermarket and retrofit

    Holley EFI 550-406 Terminator EFI 4bbl Throttle Body Fuel Injection System - Hard Core Gray I am seriously considering a Holley FI system for my SLC. No matter who I ask I can't find anyone who has done one of these with a radical cam, 300 degrees of duration and more than .550 lift, AND it...
  6. M

    T70 IIIb Steering Rack mounting

    Hi guys. When I logged on before it said I hadn't logged on since 2008. Can't recall if that correct or not so have to assume it is. Good to see more T70 stuff going on now than in the past. I've given up on that work for a living rubbish. It was interfering too much with T70 building, so...
  7. PeteB

    Ground wires on GM harmess

    With the throttle issues I'm having, thought I'd check the grounds on the GM harness. Manual says there are three, but I can't find them. Anyone know where on the harness they are?
  8. D

    where are the Nrs ?

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the O1e,O16 etc designation on an audi gearbox? Thanks DJ
  9. P

    Audi 016 help please

    I have a 016 in my KVA, just lost 1st gear and after disassembling found that the rear bearing on the pinion output shaft punched through the back of the case?... I caught this immediatly and it doesnt appear that there is any other damage to the internals. Question is, can/should I attempt...
  10. D

    Fortyfication 114

    Hi, After reading the most recent copy of Fortyfication, I nowhere could find an explanation of the cover picture. I haven't seen it before and I am still wondering....!
  11. W

    gt40 alternator bracket

    i am building a gt40 with a 302 my build manual says to use a Roush alternator bracket to mount the alternator under the head. can't find one. does anyone know where i can get one or a substitute? thanks, wes
  12. M

    Not all Mclarens are yellow

    Found this outstanding article on an M1 Mclaren. Thought you other fans of Bruce's might find it interesting.