T70 IIIb Steering Rack mounting

Hi guys. When I logged on before it said I hadn't logged on since 2008. Can't recall if that correct or not so have to assume it is. Good to see more T70 stuff going on now than in the past.

I've given up on that work for a living rubbish. It was interfering too much with T70 building, so things are progressing faster than they ever have before.

I pickup up a 2nd hand Morris / Austin 1100 rack and was surprised to find Lola didn't use the original mounting location but instead moved the mounts further out. Makes sense as there is better support for the rack.

Problem is its in the middle of the casting with raised lettering etc. I've extensively searched my records and can't find a pic of a rack not fitted to a car to see if Lola turned down a step in the OE casting to locate the rack correctly.

Would anyone have a pic of an 1100 rack about to fitted up to a car.

Thanks in advance.
Amazing coincidence.

I was actually at Broadley Automotive/Fox racing this very afternoon, discussing steering racks used on the Lolas. From Austin 1800 to the 1100, left or right hand drive depending on whether leading or trailing steering. I have restored a couple of these racks, and took one over to offer up to my chassis so that it could be marked out for altering.

Having done a quick weight comparison though between my rack and the FIA acceptable alloy ones that are fitted now, I,m afraid the latter wins hands down, in order to keep overall weight down to a minimum.

I could have so easily taken a picture or two of an older chassis that is being worked on, but I can confirm to you that the clamping machining is done at the extremes and not where the raised lettering is. Are you using an original chassis set up ?

I shall be back there shortly and if the car is still there I shall take some pictures for you.
Much appreciated. Found out overnight that the ADO16 Morris/Austin platform has the steering mounted behind the axle line so Lola used LHD racks mounted upside down. I never looked before and just assumed it was a RHD rack.

Wanting to keep to the original design but at least if the FIA accepted the new aluminium rack then there should be no issue fitting it. Is it a Titan rack.

Also interested to find out if the LHD rack housing is a little shorter. Was also told last night the mounts should be at the ends so minimal machining I guess where the gaiter clamps on. The LHD rack may have been a little shorter to clear transmission. Might have to find a Land Crab somewhere and take a look inside the engine bay.


The holes you have ringed are the bracket mounting holes, Not where the clamp itself goes around the rack. I tried to add a picture to this reply but it says its format is too large and will not download. If you care to send me a PM with your email address I can send directly to you.

It is not only the casing you will need to alter, but also the rack ends to take the track rods, and you are probably better off using a Titan type rack. As it does not improve the performance of the vehicle it is totally FIA acceptable if your car is going to race at that level.
Graham, PM sent. Been looking at a few more tub photo's. Suspect the LH mounting holes have been drilled in the wrong location. All the other dimensions seemed to be working out ok. Had to be a cockup somewhere along the line.