Audi 016 help please

I have a 016 in my KVA, just lost 1st gear and after disassembling found that the rear bearing on the pinion output shaft punched through the back of the case?... I caught this immediatly and it doesnt appear that there is any other damage to the internals.

Question is, can/should I attempt to have the back face machined down and add a steel sandwich plate, which would need to include the bearing race support, or do i scrap this tranny and find another?

And any suggestions where to find another 016 or is it easy to change to a 01e, or any better options now?

Thanks for your input.

Thank you for the responses, I should have checked the for sale ads here...

I did find GToA referenced when i was searching the forum, but their site only lists the 01e. I will contact them tomorrow and see if they can help.:thumbsup:

Thanks again.
I recently broke third gear in my 016.
GTA came to the rescue with a replacement gear and a tall fifth gear.

They suppled the parts to me here in australia.

Excellent and very prompt service. Would recommend them without hesitation.
Robin, if you have no luck I have an 016 sitting in my garage that came out of my CAV when switching over to the O1E. PM me if interested.

Cliff Beer

That's one thing that can happen with these 016's...... There's a strengthening plate you can add at the back which helps with this problem as a preventative measure.

German Transaxle is indeed a really helpful resource for 016's. I'm sending them an 016 for some upgrades right now.
Just curious, Robin, how much power do you have in your car? There's always lots of claims from people one how much power the 016 can handle and its nice to hear from someone who has actually broken one, what kind of power they had hooked up to it.

Hey Ben, I am in the 400-450HP range, 347 with decent components but not ridiculous for power... I believe that my problem was caused by the output shaft slamming back into the rear bearing because of loose tolerances before it broke. I never did any hard launches, just ease into 1st/2nd then get on the power, but when letting off the throttle I could feel the "play" in the gear train. After disassembly and checking, it looks like there was .040ish of axial play before it broke (when shimmed to the same thickness as teh piece that broke out), and should be .035(?) of preload... I have built a re-enforcing plate and am in the process of machine out the broken piece and replacing with a "shim" to locate the bearing and apply the appropriate preload. There is no other damage inside, I am fairly confident that the 016 will hold up to 450HP without hard launches, and with the re-enforcing plate and proper tolerances, maybe more.
Hopefully I will be posting a success story in the spring after testing my repair. If it doesn't go well, then I will be looking for help finding a stronger replacement as well...
Yeah I'm planning on adding the strengthening plate to mine as that's pretty cheap to do, but when I look at also adding an LSD the price goes up to a point where I'm not sure if I'll just want another gear box. Though right now I'm not running near that amount of power so if I don't break anything its a moot point.

You said you could feel the "play." I'd like to watch out for that. Can you elaborate on how/what you felt?
The "play" I noticed was just a little "sloppy" between on and off throttle, a very small gap between power and decel with slight bump at each end before transferring power, I hope that illustrates the feeling. It wasn't terrible, and if it hadn't broke and made it more noticeable I would have thought it was normal. After seeing the problem inside it made sense where the "play" was coming from.

Cliff Beer

Robin, the “play” in the transaxle could be derived from the running tolerance in the CW&P as well. There is shimming behind the diff bearings to set this...might be worth checking that setting as well.

While you have the transaxle apart, one relatively easy task is to install the LSD from a 944. Should make the box stronger and help keep the drive axles.....driving, and the car tracking straight. Just an idea to consider.