1. L

    Graziano vs. RBT

    'Tired of trying to get Google to cooperate: What is the difference in overall length between an RBT 5-gear transaxle vs. a Graziano 5-gear? Weight diff? Thanks...
  2. J

    Graziano Shifter

    Long time reader :) I am not building an SLC, but love the platform and have made friends with a few owners. What I do have is a Graziano going into a Cayman. I have struggling to find a shifter and I understand from Fran that his 100% new shifter is not in production yet. Anybody have a...
  3. JBurer

    FS USA V10 Graziano gearbox and release bearing

    I have a spare V10 Graziano from a Lamborghini Gallardo and a release bearing that will work with both the V8 Audi and V10 gearboxes. Both are brand new. Gearbox is $12,000 and the release bearing is $1,000. Please email at [email protected] if interested! Thanks! John
  4. Jkviper

    .903 Graziano Drop gear set order

    Just an FYI out to the community. I’ve been discussing the different options for gearing on the Graziano with John B. For my needs I am going with a .903 drop gear set which is a custom order. So, if anyone is interested in that specific ratio please reach out to him since the order is going in soon
  5. F

    Anyone get their RCR kit Graziano shipped recently?

    I have been unable to get an answer on when my Graziano will ship to my builder from RCR. Has anyone been waiting for one and got one recently? My builder wants to progress with the build however without a transaxle he will soon be at a standstill. If its going to be a extended wait I will...
  6. M

    Graziano Fluids Pre-filled?

    I went to add gear lube to my Graziano transaxle, and in opening the side access, fluid started to come out. Are these pre-loaded with gear lube? Should I drain what is in it and add new fluids? Does anyone know the amount of gear lube the Graziano takes? I have a tranny cooler. Do I need...
  7. gt40fran

    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Superlite is pleased to announce general availability of their new in-house designed and CNC-machined billet shifter for the Graziano transaxle cars. Many builders have expressed a preference for the OEM Audi R8 shifter because of its improved feel and appearance, but these are increasingly...
  8. K


    needing tork specs graziano ls 3 flywheel clutch and throw out bearing
  9. JBurer

    Sequential trans

    Has anyone considered using a sequential trans in lieu of the Graziano, Ricardo or Mendeola options?
  10. M

    Graziano Trans Cooler Thread Specs

    Does anyone know the thread specs on the Graziano Transaxle cooler inlets and outlets? I know what they are not - AN8 or AN6.
  11. Dreamcars

    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Stephan's SLC Build Threat Hello fellow current and future SLC owners. My name is Stephan and I just received the majority of my 2017 white SLC on Sunday, February 25th. Graziano, flywheel and Infinity box still to come due to backorders... I am in the Yardley, PA area wanted to introduce...
  12. R

    which version of the graziano transaxle to use ?

    hey guys, i was wondering. what is the difference between the V8 version and the V10 version of the graziano transaxle. why would you want to choose one over the other ?