Graziano Shifter

Long time reader :) I am not building an SLC, but love the platform and have made friends with a few owners.

What I do have is a Graziano going into a Cayman. I have struggling to find a shifter and I understand from Fran that his 100% new shifter is not in production yet.

Anybody have a source for shifter 'stuff?

Ron McCall


I have installed 2 shifters from Numeric Racing (Porsche specialist) into Superlite GT-Rs with Grazianos with good results.
Their shifter is a work of art. Not cheap but nice.

Thanks Ron! Very good to know. Can you share who you had do the cables for the numeric to graziano relationship :)
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Question on the Graz shifter motion. on my porsche when I move the stick to the left( driver side) it PUSHES the cable. is this correct for the graz?