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    Ground Clearance

    Hi: Pending the arrival of my MKII, I have been giving all sorts of thought to practical issues, such as ground clearance, particularly at the front. My car will be mainly for road use, and, obviously, I will be extremely careful, but a general question I have is what have people's...
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    Trinary switch and fan wiring

    Hello I did a bunch of web research, looked at some images and readings on forums here, and tested as much of the circuit as I can. I think I have the wiring for the electric fan and trinary switch figured out and hopefully correct. I am intending to wire in a manual switch so that I can have...
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    Dad's New Toy Box

    Here is the start of my new 24 x 24 x 17 high 2 car garage I will keep everyone posted on the progress any recommendations are welcomed. And yes it will have a car lift getting to old to be crawling on the ground.
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    Positive to Negative Conversion for Mastercell

    I am using the Summit Raptor Pro to provide much of the switching via the steering wheel. I need to have the inputs to the Master cell be ground based. I know I saw it somewhere, but can anyone point me to the wiring needed to convert the wires that normally attach to the GM steering column into...
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    Fuel sender terminals explained

    My fuel sender has two terminals labeled M&T - which one is for ground? Never seen a fuel sender labeled as such, thanks -Steve
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    P-51 D Mustang FPV

    Found that supercool: P-51D Mustang, realistic cockpit Scale FPV HD - YouTube Camerasignal is transmitted to a pair of fpv goggles worn by the pilot on the ground.