P-51 D Mustang FPV

Randy V

Would love to try that myself....
I have an RC Plane and a Drone. The drone does FPV but only broadcasts to the iPad or iPhone and since you have to use the device as a controller too, it would not work with a visual headset.
I´m amazed how much more realism has come to all this RC flying.

What I´ve always been struggling to understand is why someone puts so much money and effort into a scale rc aircraft and then skimps on the sound / a proper engine (O.K. it´s not so easy to get hold of a proper
in-line 4 stroke engine that actually fits.)

When it comes to radials, the fabulous MOKI radials are in front, just turn the volume up and listen:

Rc FW-190 with Moki 250cc Radial Engine - YouTube

P-47 Razorback - Moki 400 Radial - YouTube

20ft. B-25 Mitchel 2x400cc Moki - Maiden - YouTube