1. Yuji Yamada

    Role cage recommendation for GTD40?

    Hi, I’m looking for role cage for my GTD40. Currently the chassis is pretty standard GTD, but would like to make a bit more stiff. Any recommendation of ready made or need to go for order made? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Regards
  2. P

    GTD wiper arm needed

    Hello folks! I am missing the wiper arm for my GTD40 might someone know what arm was used on these cars? Thanks in advance!
  3. N

    New GTD40 Kit Owner

    Hello All, I recently inherited a GTD40 kit from my Father. He built 2 kit cars - an Austin Healey & 427 Cobra replica. He started this GTD40 but decided he didn't want to complete it as he is now 79 years old. He asked me if I wanted to finish it. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago so am...
  4. Yuji Yamada

    Wiper motor for GTD

    Hi, It looks I do need to replace the wiper motor although I seldom drive in rainy days. Thus, it'll be appreciated if you could let me know the part number and manufacture of the wiper motor for GTD40? Thanks
  5. R

    GTD Lockheed Brake Servo

    Can anyone tell me what Lockheed brake servos I need to get for my GTD? A part number or donor car would be really useful. I am running std GTD brakes to at the moment and I want stay with a servo assisted system.
  6. A

    Brake conundrum

    Hi All, first time on forum so please forgive ignorance. I am preparing my's GTD40 for the road/track after being unused for 10 plus years. The car was built, mainly by me in 1992 so was kit prior to that. I am trying to identify the type of brakes used at the front. They are Girling, pad...