New GTD40 Kit Owner

Hello All,

I recently inherited a GTD40 kit from my Father. He built 2 kit cars - an Austin Healey & 427 Cobra replica. He started this GTD40 but decided he didn't want to complete it as he is now 79 years old. He asked me if I wanted to finish it. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago so am finishing another car project I have prior to taking this task on. I will keep all updated on progress. I have visited this site many times and it is a great resource!

I tried to upload some pics of it, but I received the message "security token missing" I will sort that out and then post some pics

Story I can tell at a later date, but I worked at Ford Power Products Europe 1999-2000. We sold Ford engines to the specialty car market. While in England, I met the owner of GTD40 and had a fun track day with him where he gave me many ride laps in a track in Southern England. Subsequently my dad had interest and located a partially build kit in California which the owner wanted to sell. He bought it in 2000 and did much work on the body getting the gaps all nice and even and everything to fit well. That's about where it stands at the moment.