GTD wiper arm needed

Ken M.

New Member
Hello folks!
I am missing the wiper arm for my GTD40 might someone know what arm was used on these cars?
Thanks in advance!

Ian Anderson

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I can highly recommend Car Builder Solutions, incredibly knowledgable and helpful.

They developed and made the Foreman P4 cars, so know a bit about these things.

Very happy customer.

Ken M.

New Member
Thank you Ian!
I have looked around in there and will be contacting them if I cant find it here. in the next week. I was caught in a little rain sprinkle and remembered I had no wiper. The solution was to drive faster so the rain slid off the windshield...:shocked:
Are any one of you clairvoyant, or remote viewers? that would help out quite a bit in this situation. If you can remote view my wiper arm connection it may help. Or maybe I should just take a picture of the darn thing!