1. R

    What happened to the Superlite cars Apex?

    Hey i was wondering, does anybody know what happened to Fran's Apex kit car design? Has that been abandoned? Would be a shame if it was. I was looking forward to it
  2. 7

    351 Windsor ID ??

    Hi, well I scooped up a 351 Windsor that happened to be right down the road. It's a 2-barrel intake engine. I don't have a car to put it in yet, but hey that's a minor detail :rolleyes:. Anyway, I got it home and managed to clean all the sludge off of the engine to get the block ID. The guy...
  3. TA152

    Government take over of bussines in sa

    Did anyone see (or hear) of and announcement today (yesterday) that the South African government voted to take over certain businesses in that country? Seems something happened in 1652 they are upset about. I wonder if that includes Superformance?
  4. Howard Jones

    SLC build threads?

    What happened to them overnight? Please tell me this is temporary.
  5. blueovalz

    Not made in China

    I have mixed thoughts on this video (happened on it purely by accident), but found it interesting. TIM'S CHINA RANT! (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE) - YouTube