Not made in China

Larry L.

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Tim's IS a bear to find almost anything that's made in the USA anymore.

I spent a good month looking for a U.S. made lawn mower a few years back (you'd THINK "Toro" would be...'same with "Craftsman" back then. But, nope).

'Finally discovered "Troy-Bilt". Back THEN their mowers were 100% made in the USA. Now? I dunno. (I'm still using the Troy I bought.)

Terry Oxandale

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It's a tough question. Locally I try hard to support the local shops, but at times there is a 3x difference in price between Chinese and USA products. My observations of the machining quality of the Chinese parts to be deplorable (sorry Jack), but even with that, it is at times very difficult to overlook the price difference. Unfortunately, the "Walmart syndrome" won't be remedied by a small percentage of individuals making the "Made in the USA" choice. I feel we are in a vortex of declining wages which feed this China beast, which depresses wages for even more, which feed the beast, and on and on until the economic entropy is satisfied on a global scale. Perhaps there is something to be said for problems of income disparity in this country, and how it feeds on itself.


A friend from my corporate days set me this. It's disturbing for a number of reasons but it does suggest how the labor laws in the west (most of them anyway) add to our cost of good and perhaps that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Watch the video for the first five minutes.

Chinese Workers - Crazy! on Vimeo
Well Ox, I feel the same way about the quality of Chinese machining. I also try to use local shops of which are carrying more and more China made parts.
I do agree with your conclusions.
and so much parts and Tools are labeld as made in USA,...but be producted also in China, do you find the true parts and Tools??
i have a lot of Tools from USA, benders, shears, nibbler,....all labeld with made in USA,...all productet in China !!, can find all this stuff on alibaba in different Colors with different brands on it, delivery you realice it, ist not made in USA, only labeld,....


Larry L.

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If you think about it, what does "Made in USA" actually mean these days? E.g.: My guess is if you, say, went into the parts room of any U.S. brand auto dealership and yelled "Banzai!!!", at least half the parts in there would snap to attention.

I've been told the Corvette is the only car that's actually 100% made in the USA these days..............but, I'd be willing to bet serious money that's not entirely true. Gimme a few minutes in the parts bins at Bowling Green and I'll bet I can prove it. :nice:
the biggest Problem for all this "made in" is,.....what happens if realy all is made in homecountry??,....companys goes to other countrys to can product cheeper,....worker gets outside lesser Money,....some of this is realy scarry products,...other things are wellmade,...

but iff you realy produce all, and i mean 100% in the homecountry,...nooen will be there to pay this high bill,...or worker gets lesser Money for theyr work,....or what ??,...i think, in this System no one is able to buy or product some in outside countrys, ist an easy bill to understand this,...