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    What Year SS Calipers?

    In the process of breaking my calipers down to get some powdercoat. I saw this morning that some left the pistons, dust boots and seals installed, but other forums remove them. May have wasted my time, but it won't hurt at least. I need to get some rebuild kits, what year SS are our...
  2. L

    GT40 kit completed the most

    There are quite a few kits on the market and larger and smaller companies offering them. I have read a few of the build logs to see what some builders experiences are with the kits and understand some are easier or others need more fabrication. My question (horribly worded) is what kit would you...
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    LEGO Kit (March 2017)

    LEGO has a small kit coming out with a GT40 (1046) and a new GT (#66) as part of their Speed Champion series. It's coming out in March, price will be about $30. Lego Ford GT and Ford GT40 Speed Champions kits news and on sale date If you'd like...
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    Build a gt40.... challenge accepted

    hello my name is Ralph i live in the Houston area i attend many of the car shows where i live and the gt40 is rare to see. I am a GM fan and will always be but lately i have been disappointed by their models ( In love with the LS series motors ) but Shelby cars have a certain BAM!!! i have...