1. PeteB

    SL-C For Sale

    My SL-C is listed in the classifieds section: This section of the forum seems to get more traffic, so I thought I'd post a link here.
  2. C

    SBF Trick-flow twisted wedge rocker stud girdles and valve cover spacers

    Brand new unused Ford small block SBF 289 302 351 5.0 trick-flow twisted wedge cylinder head rocker girdle and fasteners. Purchased from Summit, but not used. Cost $190, asking $125. See link: Brand new unused Ford small block SBF 260 289 302...
  3. Ron Earp


    Title says it all, how to embed a Youtube video on the forum. Might work with other types of video hosting, might not. Use Youtube. It works. Step One - Find the video you want to embed. Once you do look below the video and click the SHARE button. Step Two - Opening the share window...
  4. Ron Earp

    Waiting for Registration Approval? Read Inside.....

    Hi Folks, When you join the server sends a REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL to the email account you used to register. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL to be confirmed on the site. It works. Yes it does. We know it works because new people successfully register here every...