Waiting for Registration Approval? Read Inside.....

Ron Earp

Hi Folks,

When you join GT40s.com the server sends a REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL to the email account you used to register. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL to be confirmed on the site.

It works.

Yes it does.

We know it works because new people successfully register here every day.

If you can't post, can't send PMs, can view certain things it is because you did not click on the registration link. There are three possible reasons you didn't see the REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL:

1. It got caught in your spam filter. Go look through your spam filter on whatever email system you are using to locate it.

2. You deleted the email.

3. You didn't use your email address.

The system works and works well, but, you must have access to the registration email in order to validate your registration here at GT40s.com.