1. saxoncross

    Renault UN1 - Background

    Hi all, came across this intersting article on the use of the UN1 transmission in the Esprit, written by the Esprit Platform Manager at Lotus Cars and thought I'd share to a wider audience Regards, Andy
  2. Howard Jones

    UN1 Renault optional shifter

    I have a GTD (center shift USA car) with the original Lotus Esprit shifter and translator (piece on gearbox) First the nylon bits in the shifter are worn out and second I've never really liked how the Lotus system works. Has anyone ever found a alternative shifter(part in cockpit) that would...
  3. Mark IV

    FS: 1973 Lotus Europa TC "Big Valve" 5 speed **SOLD**

    I have always wanted a Europa Twin Cam. It is one of my "Bucket List" cars (the GT40 and Cobra boxes have been ticked off now) and I acquired a 1973 blue "Big Valve" Europa with the hard to find five speed transaxle. This car was disassembled in 1988 and has been stored since. Reality has...
  4. weisserheilbronn

    Lotus vs GT40

    Lotus vs GT40 - YouTube
  5. PeteB

    Aftermarket shifter options?

    I've got about 1200 miles on the car now, and the one aspect of driving it that I'm really not happy with is the shifter. The throw seems too long and 1st and 2nd gear are really hard to find. Anyone tried or know of an aftermarket shifter that would be compatible with the Graziano? A couple...
  6. M

    A door question

    For all you owners out there. I'd like to cut the roof of my Lotus Europa the way the GT40 is. They share much the same design in the doors except the roof cut out. The same head room problem getting in & out of the Lotus is I'm sure what prompted Ford to bring the door tops into the roof. The...
  7. M

    Greetings from sunny So. Cal.

    I didn't really say Hi a couple of weeks ago when I re-entered. It's been a couple of years since I was active here & with my car. I re-activated my membership & started back into working on my Lotus build. This time around I intend to get it built/done (famous last words?) LOL Have posted some...