UN1 Renault optional shifter

Howard Jones

I have a GTD (center shift USA car) with the original Lotus Esprit shifter and translator (piece on gearbox) First the nylon bits in the shifter are worn out and second I've never really liked how the Lotus system works.

Has anyone ever found a alternative shifter(part in cockpit) that would work with the lotus translator. I seam to remember something about a Toyota MRX shifter working but I can't find much of anything on the subject. Or has anyone every converted a Renault R21 to a different cable shift system that worked well instead of the Lotus parts?

I want to keep the cable system because converting to a center shift rod system just would be too much work.

Howard Jones

Andy, the focus shifter is meant to be placed behind the transmission with the cables running forward whereas the gt40 layout has the opposite layout with the cables running rearward.

Also the focus has R down and to the right. The Renault/lotus has R down and to the left.

Does placing the shifter and the cable run direction in the GT40 in the opposite direction of the focus fix this or is it simply a linkage corrected issue. Or am I missing something (most likely answer)

Do you have pictures of the shifter layout in the cockpit you could share? Your transaxle linkage is very similar to the layout I made the G50 in my SLC so I get that.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Howard,
Unfortunately I don’t have photos of the particular shifter we used on this installation. Regardless of where the shift lever is positioned relative to the transmission, its down to how the cables pull relative to the shift levers on the transmission and how the shift lever is set out. The attached depiction hopefully gives an easier explanation of the differences between different shifters

Also going back to your original email, about the Esprit translator on the transmission, it is unique in that it uses both cables (one cable pushing, the other pulling) to give the cross-gate. It may work with an early Renault shift lever, but I’ve no idea which one



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I have been running a Toyota MR2(the early squareish ones) shifter in my Porsche 914 since forever, it was the easiest of things to set up. It's shift action was perfect for my UN1, and the linkage is all ABOVE the bottom pivot and with a really good set of cables and rod ends, it will shift superb.

Yep, bang on Howard, that's the one.

I'll try find a picture of my set up, it's a lot simpler than most rigs out there, I'm surprised people get so complicated with it. In saying that, a GT40 may have different constraints to my 914.