1. J

    Bailey GT40 now on the road in Sweden!

    Finally completed! More details in the build log, summary spec: Chassie, body, suspension, electrical system, wheels, tanks; Bailey Cars, South Africa Engine; Roush 353 Gearbox; ZFQ with Porsche GT3 Cup linkage Tyres; Nitto AC and Seats; Southern GT UK Exhaust; Bilteknik Sweden...
  2. soulcoaxer

    So God Made A Dog . . .

  3. soulcoaxer

    Very, Very Famous People . . .

    Sorry, but neither you nor I made the presentation :sad: Photos by Others. Compilation and coding by Soulcoaxer. Go Here
  4. Yuji Yamada

    Role cage recommendation for GTD40?

    Hi, I’m looking for role cage for my GTD40. Currently the chassis is pretty standard GTD, but would like to make a bit more stiff. Any recommendation of ready made or need to go for order made? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Regards

    How a Superformance GT40 is made - SKY 141 Today 15:00 hrs

    Guys Sorry for the late warning. Quest Channel - UK Sky 141 @15:00 hours today How its made Series No. 14 - Superformance GT40
  6. R

    lola t70 3b tub

    Is there any interest in a new Lola t70 mk3b tub made of 6061 aluminum?
  7. P

    LS7 engine variations

    My car has a crate LS7 and a GM controller kit. It's never really run right, with a weird idle hanging problem -- it would hang at about 2000-2500 RPM on decel, then slowly lower itself to a normal idle of 800 in a minute or so. That made it hard to heel-and-toe and didn't make me look like the...
  8. L

    Uprights/wheels and stuff

    Hey guys, I think its time I started a thread for the uprights and stuff I'm making for my car and other guys that have seen my bits and pieces. I started way back in 09 when I made rear/front uprights for my M20 project. Along with transaxle I have had uprights cast and John has got 2 sets of...