1. J

    '40 Bra

    does anyone know who makes a bra for a GT40?
  2. N

    Coyote or SBF

    I’m trying to decide what engine to put in my new bare chassis. I’m sure this has come up before and I am aware of the obvious differences, but I’m interested in your opinions. The coyote has 435HP from the factory. It has efi so it’s very manageable and easy to live with. It also has a...
  3. J

    Wrapping headers

    This is a common header design for he SL-C. Has anyone had success wrapping them? The intial curve below the flange makes it very difficult. Anyone have images of how they insulated them to mitigate heat?
  4. flatchat

    Race Wars --Western Australia

    Some interesting times from remote way down under where Dave and Julian in their GT40s were competing amongst some high end machinery -- makes you appreciate 200 MPH way back Schedule - Racewars