Race Wars --Western Australia

Was a great weekend....I had a few problems but that's racing. I have a few
Videos to post. Will get them up soon.
Here are some vids. first run my Thermo fans blew to bits at 200kph. that took out the rad, went home fixed it and came back next day, Julian and I finally got to go head 2 head to settle a lot of long time talk...lol. Look at my door tops opening in the launch vid.....My new clutch adapter kit supplied by BNC Plastics (Flatchat) was awesome....banging gears all day.....

GT40 launch - YouTube

GT40 for the win - YouTube
Looks like great fun.

Glad to hear you got your clutch issues solved.
You just happened to have extra fans and a radiator laying around? :)
Nah had no fans the next day and we glued the radiator up with epoxy...lasted the day. Next morning big puddle under the front.
Those alloy clevis`s that you supplied to John (Mclaren M6 build), are they available and what alloy are they made from thanks.