1. I

    Calling Old Members

    Hi Just wondering how many members who used to post regularly still read the forum. Names that spring to mind Pete from Down Under along with Jac, Ross, Russ, Brian, who is still getting his car made, Norman, Chris, and loads of others from the last 15 years American, Lynn Larsen...
  2. J

    Hello, everyone!

    Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online GT40s community. Whenever I'm riding out with my cousin, we'd usually bring our little Pomeranian with us (though we have to secure him in a dog crate during lengthy travels, as he loves to jump on my lap while I drive) . I joined up in the...
  3. Andy Sheldon

    Goodwood Members Meeting

    76th Goodwood Members Meeting taking place this weekend. Includes the Gurney Cup featuring GT40s. Live all day stream link at Goodwood 76th Members Meeting Live Stream - YouTube Gurney cup practice on Saturday at 3.20 pm and race on Sunday at 3.30 pm. Thanks Andy
  4. D

    Silverstone Classic 20-22 July 2018

    :helmet: Hi ALL Members. I bring to your attention the discount offer available to all CLUB MEMBERS. 2 for 1 entry & infield parking for Classics Cars. Full details on the New Club Website/ Events page where you will find details of numerous events now posted. GT40 Enthusiasts Club ...
  5. K

    My Kind of Racecar Porn

    Awesome! What a stunner. Recent Goodwood members meeting. Pics courtesy of