1. N

    Ford GT40 Mk1 technical data

    Hello, I would like to know all the technical data of the Ford GT40 Mk1 driven by Ken Miles at the 24h of Le Mans in 1966 (not the standard GT40, the one that raced during these 24h of Le Mans) If there is someone to help me ;)
  2. M

    FS EU Southern GT40 Mk1B wide rear clip for sale

    Rear clip, ad deleted Morten
  3. Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Fuel stop in Tabernash, CO, on the way to Grand Lake, CO > Kremmling > Eagle > Vail > Denver, CO.
  4. D

    Mk1 vs Mk2 Mono

    What exactly are the differences between a mk1 and mk2 mono in detail would be nice. I don't mind a long answer. Thanks
  5. J

    SPFs in So Cal

    i would like to know how many SPF GT40s, or any other GT40s, there are in Southern California. I live in Oxnard, Ventura County and would like to meet other '40 owners. i have seen a MK3 (owned by the Petersen Museum) at Willow Springs a number of years ago, a gennie MK1 at Willow owned by a...
  6. Hendrickx Paul

    GT 40 Mk3

    Hello all, question: on the mk3 the gearlever is in between the seats,and handbrake. If the mk3 is based ont he mk1 chassis, where is then the "big" central tunnel, and where are located the cooling pipes on this car? How are the seats fixed? Are the...
  7. P

    How much GT40 Superformance?

    Hello the latest release of the Shelby Registry dates from 2008, since it was built many Superformance GT40, do you know how many? of MK1? of MK 2? thank you
  8. bill kearley

    info please

    Exhaust system required, 427w in a MK1 CAV. any info would be great.
  9. nextstep

    Renato's GT40 MkI Coyote

    Hello to all. Time to start my build thread. My kit choice is GT-Forte with Ford Coyote 5.0 and Audi 01E. Kit arrived and filled up the garage pretty good. I need more space! Now it is time to start work. My goal is two years, hmmm. I'll try to post lot of pictures, I'm not great at...
  10. L

    Mki cav gulf le mans 1969 520 hp

    CAV GT 2008 new. Replica of the MKI 1969 LE MANS Winner car. 300 miles only of testing and tunning. LHD. Never raced. Ford 5L7 Tuned engine by T&L in the USA. Monocoque stainless chassis painted in black. Now deliver 520 HP (video and dyno sheet provided). 4 Weber carbs. Ultra short...