Mk1 vs Mk2 Mono

Not many, Differences Im aware of: lower bulkhead in front of engine has extra clearance for the longer FE engine block & pulleys etc, IIRC coolant lines run down LHS of cockpit ( might be only MKIIB ), also the instrument panel was fabricated from flat sheet on the MKII, more difference in later MKII bodywork for tire clearance & ducting for cooling etc.. Short answer which I guess your asking, can a MKI mono become a MKII mono, yes with a bit of extra re-work.

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The coolant lines down the side are MK II "B" only as is the sheet alloy dash, MK II "A"s used the standard fiberglass dash like a MK I. There are some additional reinforcements on the tub in the engine bay with some doubler plates, etc. Superformance's tub is mostly MK II spec in the engine bay.
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I am really interested in the mk2 tub the early one like 1046 . I see a few differences on the outside but to see the good bits in side would be very helpful.
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I am interested in the early mk2 tub like 1046 and what exactly made them different than the mk1 .What do the doubler plates look like.
If you look at the restoration videos of 1046 you can see there is an extra skin that has been riveted and gas welded onto the back of the rear hoop. it is evident in the video when they are aligning the clutch.

I believe there is also some additional cut outs to duct air for the fuel pumps in the left hand B pillar.

Rear sub structure is vastly different to support the T44.

The lower chassis mount for the bell housing on the T44 is in a different spot relative to the crank centreline than it is for the 5DS25 equipped cars from what I can work out. These mounts are also the same mounts that are used for the rear support structure.

do you mean #GT40P/1/2020, 2019 goes on the front, 2020 goes on the back and is only the small bit that goes over the top of the lower suspension mounts for extra stiffness and closes of the point where the return flanges change direction.
I only have a few FAV drawings so I can't be sure what all the parts are called .Another mk2 tub part I noticed was the wedge shape reinforcement from the trailing arm to motor mount .I do believe that is just on the mk2 and on the superformance .


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Are you sure that chassis is 1046 and not a MKI as the chap refers to ?
The chassis in the shot has the front alloy shrouds of a MKI road car.