Hello all,

question: on the mk3 the gearlever is in between the seats,and handbrake.

If the mk3 is based ont he mk1 chassis, where is then the "big" central tunnel, and where are located the cooling pipes on this car?
How are the seats fixed? Are the seats in "fixed way" or on rails?

Has anybody perhaps a picture of a naked mk3 chassis? to see how the chassis was build in the interior.

Any reason that the full filler caps where put 180°around compared to an mk1?

Many thx upfront

Hi Paul

I don't really have an answer for you, but may just be able to point you to a site that may be able to help. You may have already seen this.

There is a guy called Ivan Lees who has been building a KVA Mk 3. Not sure whether he's finished it or what, but the site is at GT40-KVA.co.uk. There are loads of pictures and info which may help.


Stephen :thumbsup:
Hi Paul,

There is no central tunnel on the Mk.III and the cooling pipes run down either side of the car. The seats have some adjustment backwards and forwards as the pedals are fixed.

As for the fuel fillers, I'm not 100% about this but I would guess that as the front wings are higher on the Mk.III, the fuel filler cap probably catches on the bodywork if opened forwards so was turned around to avoid this.

thx for the explanations, i will not get à 100% replica of an mk3,but only as time and wallet allows, knowing that I start from a KVA "A" chassis build in 1982.
Mk3 water pipe position for you.

Regards Steve.


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