1. D

    Tracking down a GT40 owner from Kent

    Hi all I was chatting to a lovely GT40 owner from Maidstone in Kent at Le Mans. He has a GTD in dark blue with yellow stripes, reg X40GTD. I can't remember his name! Does anybody know his name or contact details? Please PM me... Thanks Darren
  2. E

    Finally seen the ghost

    This car has been a part of local legend for many years. The owner is just a few miles down the road but this is my first time seeing it.
  3. N

    New GTD40 Kit Owner

    Hello All, I recently inherited a GTD40 kit from my Father. He built 2 kit cars - an Austin Healey & 427 Cobra replica. He started this GTD40 but decided he didn't want to complete it as he is now 79 years old. He asked me if I wanted to finish it. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago so am...
  4. Cobra


    Hi Folks, Just a brief re-introduction since I haven't been visiting the site much in the past year, and I've now joined the ranks of GT40 ownership. The car I've acquired is an already assembled RCR Mk 1 with a Ford Racing 392 crate motor and a ZF transaxle. I'm actually the third...
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    Hello, I'm a recent owner of my first GT40.

    Hello, fellow enthusiasts! I'm a recent new owner of my first GT40.
  6. S

    Custom car 1979

    Gt40 owner, hope you can read it! http://s91.photobucket.com/user/simonjrwinter/library/CC%20GT40
  7. M

    FS USA Aeromotive A1000

    Never used in anger. Was for fitment studies in two different projects. In original box although may not have all original fittings. I do not know what the original came with as I am the second ''owner". $100.00 + shipping