Hi Folks,

Just a brief re-introduction since I haven't been visiting the site much in the past year, and I've now joined the ranks of GT40 ownership.

The car I've acquired is an already assembled RCR Mk 1 with a Ford Racing 392 crate motor and a ZF transaxle.

I'm actually the third owner of this beautiful machine. It's a 10 year old build (kit dates back to late 2006/early 2007), but it's only been driven a small handful of miles by the second owner. Sadly, the original owner who built most of the car, passed away before he could finish and enjoy it. The second owner acquired it from the original owner's widow and took it through the title process and initial road testing, but the car has not been fully sorted.

There are a number of things I have to sort out. Speedo needs to be calibrated, Webers need to be tuned, fuel system needs to be reconfigured, Interior needs completion, electrical fuse panel and terminal bars need to be relocated, etc...

I'll try to document the changes in the various technical areas as I work through them.