1. soulcoaxer

    "every picture tells a story" don't it

    GO HERE: "Every Picture Tells A Story" WWW.GT40ZONE.COM
  2. M

    Door Mounting

    Anyone got a good picture of how the door cylinders attach to the door and to the door jam? Can't find a picture in either the manual or the gallery. Want to make sure I get them properly aligned.
  3. R

    Drive Train

    New RBT with 4:11,KEP bellhousing 355 sbc 500hp. Enderly injected. IDA manifold and new webers. Air gap 4 barrel manifold All for SBC . CAV bellhousing for SBF $17,500 for all. I don't see how to attach a picture? Randy
  4. M

    Steering column and AC questions

    Just getting started pulling things apart, but wanted to see how a couple things fit leading to a few questions: 1. I ordered my kit with the Vintage Auto Air system and the under dash unit I received is different than the pictures in the manual. I managed to rotate the bottom fitting as...
  5. M

    GT40 final finishes

    Dear All A progress picture https://libertysjersey.wixsite.com/mysite?lightbox=dataItem-j5ehw4774
  6. D

    Fortyfication 114

    Hi, After reading the most recent copy of Fortyfication, I nowhere could find an explanation of the cover picture. I haven't seen it before and I am still wondering....!