Door Mounting

Anyone got a good picture of how the door cylinders attach to the door and to the door jam? Can't find a picture in either the manual or the gallery. Want to make sure I get them properly aligned.

Dan Carter

Bronze Supporter
I used the standard door strut but managed to not mount to any fiberglass. Take a look at my build blog “Dans Build” for the approach I took #269-271. Just a different approach that is working for me.

Sorry but it’s too dark in the darn hole to get good photo.
Thanks for all the pictures and advice. I finally got underneath the car this morning and saw the hole in the J hinge. I threaded one end of the door shock into it and found that unless I make some changes in the hinge area the door won't go all the way up - interference with the hinge bolt and the door frame. I am also going to look at an option to mount it like the linear actuators, like Dan's picture. More to follow...