1. C

    How small is the SLC, pictures?

    I was wondering if you guys have any side by side pictures with other sport/exotic cars to post. On some pictures I see car appears very small. Does it look like that in person? I see the dimensions are pretty normal, it has to be the overall design that's playing games with my mind. :idea2:
  2. J

    Sled Driver

    Anyone read it? Worth the $275? The pictures look pretty amazing.
  3. M

    Where to find Tillett seats?

    Where are you guys buying Tillett B5's? Tillett USA is backordered. I found a UK place that will ship pretty reasonably, but wondering if there's a better source in the USA. Thanks!
  4. Veek

    Receiving the order kit for the new Ford GT

    This is pretty impressive. 2017 Ford GT Order Kit Unboxing with Camilo Pardo - YouTube
  5. I

    495HP or 505HP?

    EDIT: 525HP, not 505HP I've done a good bit of research, but I'm having a heck of a time deciding which package to go with. There's $150 price difference between the 2 with the main difference being the cams. I've been leaning towards the 495HP due to the milder cam and being easier to drive...
  6. I

    How many times did you remove engine?

    I'm getting closer by the day and while I pretty much have figured out I'm going with the 480hp LS3 my conflict now is to drop ship it to RCR to bolt in before it ships or ship to my house and put it in myself. My main issue is the purchase of an engine stand at this moment. I love tools as...
  7. M

    M6 gt

    Just out of curiosity: Is anyone making the M6 Gt coupe these days? I haven't seen anything about one in quite a while. They used to be pretty popular in various incarnations like the Manta or Coyote? I prefer coupes as street cars like the T70 or M6.