1. C

    Quaife Oil Pump

    Hi: I am in the process of ordering the Quaife transmission for a Superformance GT40MKII that I have under construction. The car has the optional transmission oil cooler, and I am wondering whether anyone has ordered the oil pump from Quaife (which I believe is mechanical) or has used an...
  2. L

    Quaife Transaxles from UK

    Ok GT40 Forum has anyone had any experience good or bad with a Quaife QBE81GOO2 RPE 7 Speed Sequential Transaxle from the UK. It appears they use this Gear Box and a ZF QBE626 5 Speed in the Radical Race Cars, I am interested in the 7 speed Sequential with the shift paddles for the RCR GTR I...
  3. Silver66fb

    Cable Routing and Hose Identification

    Questions from last night's wrench turning: 1. Shifter cables - the passenger side motor mount structure has these neat holes (see photo). Are they designed for the shifter cables to pass through? If so, which cable goes top/bottom, or perhaps it doesn't matter? 2. Shifter cable...