Quaife Transaxle + Bell Housing - NEW - QBE62G Ford (ZF) For Sale

New, never installed transaxle.

There are two gearsets offered, and this is the longer, taller set.
SBF bellhousing - 351 engine

Ordered in advance of a SPF GT40 purchase that did not happen.
Includes teeny casters through the bell housing holes to make it manageable to store upright.

Located in San Lorenzo 94580
near San Francisco



Randy Folsom

Sorry to hear your plans fell through. This is a really good deal. I just bought one from Quaife and with current exchange rates I paid $14,500 and doesn't include the bell housing. It will be delivered next week and I am still waiting to find out how much the import taxes will be. Guessing another $500. I also opted for the 3.5 final ratio which is a good match for engines that redline at 6,500 RPM.

Brian Kissel

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You might want to check out his profile . There appears to be an alternate way to reach him. He hasn’t been logged in on the forum for some time.
Regards Brian