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    5:40 for the big carve up

    Barry Algie Memorial. Taupo 2017. Race 2 Formula Libre - YouTube
  2. J

    Can Am cars at Long Beach Grand Prix

    Well it's taken me a while to start this thread but here we are. What an exciting event and what a great way to get vintage racing into the forefront at a race that may not attract the typical crusty vintage racing fan. Since the Toyota Celebrity Race has been nixed, the organizers did the right...
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    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Hello Everyone, I am happy to say that back in November, components for my SLC started production. I talked to Allen several times and was very impressed with his attention to detail. I feel fortunate to have him starting my build in September. I have already purchased the new corvette Z06...
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    Big Bend Open Road Race 2017

    This year's race went only slightly better for us. After trashing the LS7 last year, we stuffed in a more budget friendly LS1. Motor was fresh from a reputable shop with a stock lower end. Tuned on a rolling Dyno after it was in the car. Motor lasted through about 15 Dyno pulls, a 20 mile...
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    Limited slip ?

    If I never plan on running my car on a race track do I even need a lsd transaxle?
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    Racing Replicas In Europe?

    I'm aware cars with Historic Technical Passports race under FIA rules in Europe. I also know there's chance for GT40 replica owners to track day their cars. However, I don't know of any series for non HTP replicas. If nothing exists, then does anyone think a European classic replica series...