1. Bonneville-Speed-Week-2017-Monday75.jpg


    In the pit at Speed Week. Tech inspection problems curtailed runs. Class is B/GMS (engine size = B, G = gasoline, MS = modified sports)
  2. Bonneville-Speed-Week-2017-Monday73.jpg


    Pit Set-Up at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah 2017
  3. D


    I see Claude Nahum is selling his P1016 at RM Sotheby's in Monterey (august) Wordt dit de duurste Ford ooit? (foto’s) – P-magazine Does anyone have more info? Is he keeping P1078? Will he race LMC? WHY???
  4. 5

    24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend!

    All, Don’t forget the race is this weekend. In the USA we will get flag-to-flag coverage (for the first time ever I think?) on the Velocity network. Race begins at 9 a.m. eastern time. :thumbsup:
  5. M

    FS USA Porsche gt2 6 spd transaxle package - $13000.00

    We decided to install a sequential transaxle in the SLC race car and now have a Porsche gt2 6 speed transaxle (G96/88) available for sale along with clutch, flywheel, throw out bearing, adapter plate for LS motors, cables, shifter, starter, axles, and hubs as a complete package with spares. All...
  6. P

    My last build.. RCR-GT40 or RCR-GT...California LA

    Hi everyone.... Spent the last 15 years on the Jeep and Corvette forums.. My sons and I race corvettes and the Baja 500.. We race dirt bikes as well:-) Anyway, we have 6 corvettes we race, but the one I always race in the the oldest one. My favorite and first corvette.. my 1979...
  7. blueovalz

    2018 Formula One

    It's been a nightmare thus far with only one race, and a second qualifying under the belt for ESPN2's coverage of Formula One this year. So far, both event's qualifying coverage ended before the qualifying ended (thus I had to go online to find out the Q3 results. Commercials on the first race...
  8. MikeP

    A blast from the past

    Here is a video of the sort of stuff I enjoyed when all the cars looked and sounded different. A classic race of a big banger versus a smaller nimble car. Also one of the reasons i bought a 2l Viva GT instead of an Escort Mexico. I was also a big fan of Vauxhall tuner Bill Blydenstein and the...
  9. L

    Quaife Transaxles from UK

    Ok GT40 Forum has anyone had any experience good or bad with a Quaife QBE81GOO2 RPE 7 Speed Sequential Transaxle from the UK. It appears they use this Gear Box and a ZF QBE626 5 Speed in the Radical Race Cars, I am interested in the 7 speed Sequential with the shift paddles for the RCR GTR I...
  10. M

    Daytona 24

    Anyone at Daytona for the 24 hour race? I am in the infield roaming Should be a good race
  11. AllanSLC

    Race Tail wing uprights

    Does any one have a set of race tail wing uprights that I could "borrow" for a couple of months so that I can finish up an SL-C? Please PM me if you can spare them for awhile. Thanks, Allan
  12. D

    Potential UK SL-C build

    Hi all, Seriously considering an SL-C project in the UK Built a few cars and race cars in my time - mainly Honda race and track cars recently a race Honda NSX Need a new challenge, so a V8 or V10 (Audi V8/10 or Mas/Fer F136 powered) SL-C fits the bill Hoping to find another UK SL-C owner...
  13. J

    Check out new SL-C Race car in SL-C Clubhouse

  14. KurtGT

    Its Timeto Go Vintage Racing...

    Gents- I think many of you know I love motorsports racing... And that I've been competing in SCCA Spec Miata for the last few years (a GREAT series, where some of the best drivers in SCCA go to race) But also as you know, my true love is Vintage Race cars/racing... Therefore, the time has come...
  15. 9

    The Spa "Six Hour" race meeting

    Any one else going to Spa and this glorious meeting and circuit next week ? I,m racing in the One hour race with the 917K and hoping for some better fortune this time round. Some recent issues have been sorted out, and I,m praying for dry weather, at a circuit which is famous for giving four...
  16. P

    Audi 016 help please

    I have a 016 in my KVA, just lost 1st gear and after disassembling found that the rear bearing on the pinion output shaft punched through the back of the case?... I caught this immediatly and it doesnt appear that there is any other damage to the internals. Question is, can/should I attempt...
  17. K

    Never get tired of seeing this:

    Race Engine Porn.....:thumbsup:
  18. glloyd

    Buzby rides again!

    We had a fantastic time last weekend at the Silverstone Classic. We were invited to compete in the Celebrity Charity Challenge. This was another two race event, sharing the car with a Celebrity who raced on the Saturday, whilst the owners raced on the Sunday, with all the proceeds going to...
  19. P-nut

    Superlite SL-C dominates at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

    Dan Raver piloted his newly-rebuilt SL-C to a convincing win last weekend at the PVGP at Pitt Race. Starting from the pole position, he set the fastest lap of the weekend (a blistering 1:42.5) on the way to winning the race on Sunday. Congrats to Dan, Raver Motorsports, and Agile Auto!
  20. J

    Seems a waste...

    Want an MX-5? Skip Barber race driver school.