Racing Replicas In Europe?

I'm aware cars with Historic Technical Passports race under FIA rules in Europe. I also know there's chance for GT40 replica owners to track day their cars. However, I don't know of any series for non HTP replicas. If nothing exists, then does anyone think a European classic replica series would be a good idea and well supported? I'm not just thinking about GT40s, but replica Ferraris, Lolas, Porsche 908s etc, all mincing it up with smaller class Elans, Austin Healeys and 911s. I'd guess the cars would have to conform to modern FIA/MSA safety standards and drivers would require competition licences.. but what about it? Is anyone interested in joining up and organising a series? We'd have to approach a track owner and see the cost of hiring it for the duration of the race, plus practice and scrutineering etc. It might work if the classic replica race could slot inbetween other races during the day. If this already happens, then forgive my ignorance and call me an "idiot" and point me in the right direction.. Andrew