1. Silver66fb

    Custom Vehicle Registration in TX - Warning

    I learned a tough lesson recently. TX Custom Vehicle registration expired 12/31/2017, while the GT40 was down for some work. In March, I took my insurance paperwork to the county annex and asked to renew the registration. Sorry - no longer in the system! 30 days after the Custom Vehicle...
  2. J

    My Regestration has arrived

    Hi all yes my new registration is here and its an 18 Reg ...... Yaaaaaaaaa woooooHooooo.
  3. J


    Hi all now I'm back from my holiday ........... I now need to get my registration sorted . so my question is once I fill my application form what is the cost please ............. For registration and road tax I need to fill this in on the form .. DID I TELL YOU ALL I HAVE A PASS ON THE...
  4. Ron Earp

    Waiting for Registration Approval? Read Inside.....

    Hi Folks, When you join the server sends a REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL to the email account you used to register. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL to be confirmed on the site. It works. Yes it does. We know it works because new people successfully register here every...
  5. H

    New USA law for kitcar manufacturers

    Good new for companies that sell kits in the USA. Now they can also sell completed registered cars, so in fact become small manufacturers. This New Law Just Made Kit Cars A Lot More Appealing
  6. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado German registration

    In addition to our UK IVA and registration sevice we are now able to offer a service to register our cars for use on the road in Germany. We are co operating with an Company established in Germany to offer this service. The cost depends on the area in Germany that the registration is...
  7. W

    Australia Stability Control?

    This may be a silly question but under the new rules coming (in November I believe) all new cars must be fitted with electronic stability control, but does this apply to kit cars as well? reading the ADR rules it doesnt really specify any exemptions that kit cars may slip under except for...
  8. J

    FS EU 1966 Ford Sports Donor For Sale

    For sale is a 1966 Ford 2-dr Sports (tax class"historic") donor and V5. Please call Andrew on +44(0)7759751320 or email: [email protected]
  9. A

    Gtd registration problems in the uk

    Hi Guys ive owned my gtd for ages its pretty much complete the only things ive got left to do are get it painted and fit a carpet set and some door locks (probably loads more of little bits). i managed to get it through an sva test 18 months ago which was fun! i am at the point know that i need...