Tornado German registration

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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In addition to our UK IVA and registration sevice we are now able to offer a service to register our cars for use on the road in Germany.

We are co operating with an Company established in Germany to offer this service.

The cost depends on the area in Germany that the registration is required for as the requirements vary from area to area.

This service may also be of help to customers in other mainland European countries as some will automatically accept vehicles that are registered in Germany.

If you are interested in this service please contact me by email at [email protected]


Hi Andy,

thanks for your info about your company.

In Germany the TÜV and their OK for street releasing a car is very crucial, to say the least. As I read, your company provides to take over the TÜV passing of the Tornado car ( thru a German Company ).

I am located in the county called Palatinate, between Mainz, Worms and Kaiserslautern.

Question 1:

How much would the TÜV passing be ( just about ) if I buy a TSC GT40 Super Pro Package and build it up, by myself? Or has it been build for me buy a contractor in Germany from Tornado

Question 2:

Has your company done this successfully before with the German TÜV regarding your cars. I know from own experience with classic cars, the TÜV can be a pain in the ass ( excuse my French )

Thanks for all the info. Oh, by the way how much VAT and Shipping will come on top.