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    ***SOLD*** CAV GT40 Mark I For Sale ***SOLD***

    The time has come for me to sell my one-owner CAV GT40 Mark I, serial number 1A69MONOB66 which was purchased new in 2003. The car is guardsman blue with silver stripes, BRM wheels, a 342 cu in Roush engine, and a ZF transaxle. Ownership has been a labor of love with many upgrades and...
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    Looking for information about GT Developments and Superformance GT40's

    Hi there, From what I've seen GT Developments GT40's seem to be the cheapest way to own a "Ford GT". (Often see them from £65,000 to £90,000) But I can't really find any info about them, I found this thread here but the site no longer seems to exist. I haven't seen any...
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    Classic Le Mans 2018 Replica GT40's

    GT40 Replicas
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    My Texas Title Experiance

    For those of you in Texas who have yet to title their cars, I just titled and registered my car here as a custom car Replica. It could not have been easier!! I just faithfully followed the instructions for a later model Replica (vs the pre 50s ). The biggest deal is I had to get a one time...
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    Ken Attwell (KVA GT40 Replicas)

    Ken Attwell died on Tuesday 28th February 2017, in hospital, in Swansea. He was in his eighties. Most GT40 replica enthusiasts will know that Ken started off the GT40 replica scene, in the early 1980s, whilst he was an engineer at Ford's Swansea Transmission plant where the FORD vehicle...
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    Legal Question

    is forbidden to create a replica car nonprofit? because I saw a article where mercedes destroyed a company that produced replicas of the gullwing.
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    Urgent Help

    Hello to all of you. I hope you'll all excuse this unusual post and understand why I am making it. As a consequence of my Cousins tragic illness (Alzheimer's) , I find myself the custodian of DAX replica chassis No1 GT40 replica. I have no idea if this has any great value or not. There is...
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    Racing Replicas In Europe?

    I'm aware cars with Historic Technical Passports race under FIA rules in Europe. I also know there's chance for GT40 replica owners to track day their cars. However, I don't know of any series for non HTP replicas. If nothing exists, then does anyone think a European classic replica series...